Getting Started

When working with Best Basements and Renovations, you will see a noticeable difference in how we initiate doing business together. We have a "no nonsense" approach to getting started on your remodeling project. Read our steps below and feel free to contact us any time if you have questions about our process.

Call us to schedule an in-home consultation

You take the first step and contact me personally, I am the owner, designer and I am accountable for everything in completing this enjoyable and educational process. Please call the office at 303.748.1800 or email me at

Review our website

Review our website and many others for basement finishing and construction remodels as the experience will help you when you meet with a contractor or that company’s salesperson.

In-home get together and exchange of ideas

We will get together and review what YOU want and then explore your many options. I will promise you that this will not be a waste of your valuable time as in a sales appointment. I will show you many different ways to evaluate how you can improve your quality of life with your remodeling project and how your resale will increase over your neighbor's resale., I know your basement may be similar to theirs, but not when we are finished. Its design and quality that gives your home the edge over all the others in your neighborhood at selling time.

Obtain Measurements

If you like my ideas (and me,) we will reschedule a time for me to measure everything from poles to beams and drains to walls. Sometimes with your help we can measure that night and I can get started building your oasis.

Review plans in print and in 3D

Review the full color 18” X 24” and in 3D plans!!! What my clients love the most about me and my process is that there are no conversations about….. "Dan that’s not what I want or thought it would be like"…. Because after that conversation a “Change Order” is implemented. This is where confidence and relationships go bad. I pride myself on not having to do this at all cost and usually my cost! With strong detailed plans and the chance to review them in 3D it is like you put yourself in a room like a movie to see what its like from any vantage point. You know what it is going to be like BEFORE one nail is hammered in and, more importantly, BEFORE you hand over your hard earned money to someone you thought understood what you wanted. At this visit you will know exactly what the costs are and we can get started that night if you prefer.

Decision - Move forward with a start date or not

After reviewing the plans if you have made a decision you may pick the next available start date or you may call me later when your ready as I am like an old penny I will be around.

Get back together for another review or for changes in the plans

I have no problem getting back together for any reason. Simply give me a call or email me.