Q. What is the process, Where do I go from here?, How do we get together?

1. Call us at 303-748-1800 to schedule an in-home consultation.
2. Review our Getting Started section of the website and then review other contractors and basement finishing company's information. You will see a difference with us.
3. In home consultation - We will get together and exchange ideas.
4. Obtain measurements
5. Review plan in print and in 3D - We will review together our plan in print and 3D formats.
6. Decision - We will move forward with a start date or not.
7. Get back together for another review or changes in plans.

Q. Who will be coming to my home? A Salesman?

A: With a lot of companies they send a sales person, a designer and then another sales person and maybe a project manager. Many times there are a lot of wants and needs that can fall through the cracks along with accountability and who promised what. With Best Basements and Renovations, I am the President/Owner, Salesman, Designer and one of the Project Managers. What I say is what I do. You will have peace of mind dealing with the same person each time in the process. The benefit to you as the customer is that you will deal with me and a project manager during the entire process.

Q. How do I get a comparison of cost, quality and total value when everyone’s "apples and oranges and some bananas" are so different? Or what I thought they said they would do?

A: The only real way to get everyone to give you a written proposal is to have one perfect design that fits your needs and life. With a set of plans that you love, everyone can then give you an "apples for apples" comparison. The hard part is trying to compare the quality and value of other contractors and subcontractors. The best way to do this is to see a project that is in process or recently completed.

Q. How much are you per square foot?

A: This is a easy question for our industry to answer and a rather difficult one for you to understand. It all comes down to one simple answer. With a set of detailed plans I know if you want Granite or Tile or even Formica. I know how many one sided walls and how many two sided walls you have. A bathroom and bar cost about as much in any size basement so smaller basements are more expensive per square foot. There are so many variables. All I ask is for you to have a plan and a design that everyone is bidding from. That is the only way anyone can give you an honest answer. I have done basements for $27/sq. ft. on up. Quality and perfection doesn't cost more. You only need accountability and consequence and then you have a great relationship with your subcontractors.

Q. Do I have to put the bathroom where the builder put the plumbing?

A: I have only had to do this one time. Most home builders put everything where they want to in order to save money. Concrete cutting is no big deal. Please build your basement for your life and resale - not for the contractor’s convenience.

Q. Can I get a fireplace in rock or stone in my lower level?

A: Of course, some fireplaces are a challenge and some will not work, however I am ready for the challenge. I work with three different fireplace, rock, stone and brick companies and they are great. Please review my Gallery.

Q. How long will it take for completion?

A: As fast as 7 weeks. Past experience has been 9 to11 weeks. It does change if you do not make timely choices on items such as stone (I now order this within the first two weeks as I did have one long problem). However I will keep you on a time line so we should not have any challenges. Also, based on your payment schedule it doesn't do me any good to not complete on time. Can you say referrals?

Q. Will my neighbors and HOA be ok with everything?

A: Everyone will be happy as we make it clean and safe every night. We want your neighbors to be amazed when they ask you about us and amazed at how fast we are because they never see anything except for work trucks out front. Your driveway will always be available for you.

Q. Do I have to always be around during construction?

A: No. My project managers and myself are responsible for everything. We most importantly use the same subcontractors on EVERY basement and remodel! I do not and will not use someone different or shop your project around to get the lowest bidder! I personally know my subcontractors and trust them with my own home, money. We are a company of great, fun people that you and your family will be comfortable recommending us to others.